UVN: Behind the Counter started broadcasting on Lima, Ohio’s local access channel, December 16, 2002 with David and Peanut hosting the show. We recorded at The Comic Connection (the now closed comic shop) on Thursday nights with airings on Monday nights at 6:30pm (with replay Saturday mornings 10:30am) until 2005 with the closing of the channel. Big thanks to the crew that helped with recording of the show Andy, Logan, Ricky, Michael, Chad and many more also to all the customers who happen to show up when we taped, plus we can’t forget Dave the owner of The Comic Connection.

With the closing of the store and channel we then moved over to the internet in 2006 using Google Video to host new episodes recorded from David’s apartment and posting them on http://www.undergroundvideonetwork.com . We then started a new “Behind the Counter @ Alter Ego Comics” with Peanut and Marc owner of Alter Ego Comics hosting that lasted for a short time on YouTube.

YouTube looked like the way to go so we started to record even more new episodes from David’s apartment till we took the show literally “underground” with addiction of Michael co-hosting, who let us record and live stream the show from his basement. There was even a time when we recorded from Banebrook Studios AKA Jacob’s house. We even started to cover events in 2007 starting at Packrat Comics and then to every comic convention and comic shop that will let us record their events. Richard even moved in front of the camera to help co-host with Michael recording back at Alter Ego Comics and other locations today.


Here is our  10th Anniversary Special – Digital Mini-Comic

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